For Lawyers

The Legal Ethics Counsel provides a number of resources to assist lawyers with ethics questions.  Formal Opinions, which are binding on Missouri lawyers, are published by the Advisory Committee as to the interpretations of Rules 4, 5, and 6 in accordance with Rule 5.30(a).  Published Informal Advisory Opinions as to interpretations of Rules 4, 5, and 6 are also made available to lawyers for informational purposes as determined by the Advisory Committee in accordance with Rule 5.30(c), and are not binding.  Lawyers may also request an Informal Advisory Opinion or Formal Opinion pursuant to Rule 5.30 by contacting the Office of Legal Ethics Counsel, and information is provided below.  Links are provided to Rule 4 – Missouri Rules of Professional Conduct, and Rule 5 – Complaints and Proceedings Thereon, as well as to articles, news, and other related links.  Resource Pages are made available to assist lawyers with common ethics questions.  Additionally, information is provided regarding IOLTA Approved Financial Institutions in Missouri.