Informal Opinion Number: 2011-01

Rules: 4-1.15
Client-Lawyer Relationship
Trust Accounts and Property of Others

Reference Note: Effective July 1, 2016, subdivision 4-1.15(f) of Rule 4 was repealed and a new subdivision 4-1.15(f) adopted in lieu thereof. This opinion is based on Rule 4-1.15 in effect prior to that date.

Question: Upon closure of the law firm and reconciliation of the trust account, firm’s trust account contains funds not belonging to clients. May the funds be disbursed to the firm’s former partners?
Answer: Under Rule 4-1.15, the balance may be disbursed to the appropriate attorneys only if the funds constitute earned fees and the attorneys overseeing the trust account have documentation supporting that conclusion. Complete documentation of the disbursement must be maintained. If ownership of the balance cannot be determined and supported, the attorneys must hold the funds separately, in trust, and relinquish the funds in accordance with Missouri’s Uniform Disposition of Unclaimed Property Act, as explained in Formal Opinion 118.

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