Informal Opinion Number: 2019-08

Adoption Date: 2019

Rules: 4-1.0; 4-1.4; 4-1.15
Client-Lawyer Relationship
Safekeeping Property
Subject: Credit Cards; Trust Accounts and Safekeeping Property
Summary: credit card processing fees

Question: Attorney accepts payments from clients using credit cards. Is it permissible for Attorney to pass on the credit card processing fees to clients?

Answer: Attorney may pass on credit card processing fees to a client provided the charges are clearly communicated to the client in advance (ideally, at the outset of the representation), the additional charges reflect no more than the actual processing fees, the client gives informed consent to the arrangement (see Rule 4-1.0(e)), and the arrangement is consistent with the processor’s terms and conditions and with applicable law. If Attorney chooses to pay the credit card processing fee rather than pass the fee on to the client, Attorney must ensure that the processing fee is not deducted from Attorney’s trust account. Attorney is not permitted to deposit Attorney’s funds in the trust account for the purposes of paying credit card processing fees. See Rule 4-1.15(b). See also Informal Opinion 2014-05 regarding the ethics of accepting credit card payments for legal services.

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