Informal Opinion Number: 990102

Rules: 4-1.15
Client-Lawyer Relationship
Trust Accounts and Property of Others

Reference Note: Effective July 1, 2016, subdivision 4-1.15(f) of Rule 4 was repealed and a new subdivision 4-1.15(f) adopted in lieu thereof. This opinion is based on Rule 4-1.15 in effect prior to that date.

Reference Note:  Rule 4-1.15 was amended, effective July 1, 2013.  This opinion is based on the rule in effect prior to that date.  Please see the July 1, 2013 version of Rule 4-1.15.

QUESTION: In the process of closing files, Attorney discovered a few cases having small trust account balances. Attorney has attempted to contact the clients in each case, but has been unable to locate the clients. What should Attorney do with the remaining funds?
ANSWER: Attorney must continue to make efforts to contact the clients. If Attorney has been unable to locate the clients by the time the escheat statute takes effect, Attorney may follow that statute to dispose of the funds. In the meantime, the funds must be kept in a trust account.

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