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Missouri Supreme Court Rules:

Rule 4-1.4
Rule 4-1.6
Rule 4-1.7
Rule 4-1.10
Rule 4-5.3
Rule 4-7.1
Rule 4-7.2
Rule 4-7.5


Informal Opinions:
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• 990120 (conflict of interest, signage, reception area, telephones, files)
• 980220 (holding-out materials, confidentiality, letterhead, signage, files, faxed materials)
• 980030 (confidentiality, electronic and paper files)
• 970192 (confidentiality, fax line and machine, photocopier, conference room)
• 970119 (shared advertising)
• 970035 (office sharing with non-attorney, reception area, secretary, telephone, signage, client files, advertising)
• 970007 (prospective client of office-sharing attorney)
• 960219 (office sharing with non-attorney, signage, client files, shared office staff, confidentiality)
• 960093 (conflict of interest, signage, joint advertising)
• 950212 (conflict of interest)
• 950169 (conflict of interest, confidentiality, files, supervision of employees, signage, advertising)
• 950026 (office-sharing with non-attorney, professional independence, confidentiality)
• 940010 (office sharing with non-attorney, confidentiality, signage)
• 930156 (joint advertising, conflict of interest)
• 930149 (office sharing with non-attorney, telephone, confidentiality, client files, physical arrangement)


Frequently Asked Question:

QUESTION: What measures should be taken by lawyers from different firms who wish to share office space, non-lawyer personnel, or equipment and who do not wish to share conflicts of interest?

ANSWER: In a true office-sharing arrangement, a lawyer is not prohibited from representing a client merely because another lawyer in the office sharing arrangement would be prohibited from doing so. See Rule 4-1.10. The informal opinions listed above in the Informal Opinions section of this resource page contain guidance about how to have a true office-sharing arrangement. Areas of common concern include, but may not be limited to, confidentiality, letterhead, signage, reception areas, telephones, client files and information, fax machines and materials, photocopiers, conference rooms, advertising, office staff, and supervision of employees.


Requesting an Informal Advisory Opinion:

Missouri attorneys may request an informal advisory opinion from the Legal Ethics Counsel.  Guidelines for requesting an informal advisory opinion, in writing or by telephone, can be found here:

Requesting an Informal Advisory Opinion

The Office of Legal Ethics Counsel may be reached by telephone at 573-638-2263.